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flour sack towels

Oversized, at 36″ by 24″, because when kitchens get messy nobody wants a small towel.

Durable, to last for years, even when washed in hot water and bleach.

Fun, to bring you plenty of smiles.

Grandma knows what works!  Years ago, homemakers would turn used flour sacks into quality towels, quilts, aprons, dresses, baby clothes, sunbonnets, undergarments, and bathing suits. You still can’t beat the old-fashioned flour sack towels, which are also called tea towels. They are all-natural, absorbent, durable, and wonderful for adding sparkle to glassware.

Our towels feature art and designs that customers have enjoyed for over 30 years.  We’re always rotating our collection, featuring longtime favorites as well as new ones.

Made in the USA.

Amy’s sewn goods

Customized Chef and Japanese crossback style aprons

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Flower sack towels

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I’m excited to share I recently starting selling a collection of amazing flour sack towels. Each one features custom artwork or design.

It’s all because I got to know Linda Rush. I kept seeing her at local craft shows here in Humboldt County, where she had been selling the towels for more than three decades. When she decided to retire, I couldn’t resist purchasing her business, including all the artwork and designs that customers have loved for years.

Looking ahead, my plan is to offer a rotating selection from Linda’s big collection of favorites. I’ll also be working with artists to develop new designs.

Watch for more custom-sewn goods to this site. For now, there is additional selection on my Etsy store at www.etsy.com/shop/AmysAlmostPerfect